The Scars of the Land

Vaca Muerta, an area of land the size of Belgium in the south of Argentina, contains one of the most important oil and shale gas reserves on the South American continent. Since 2013, the national oil company, YPF, along with Chevron and Total (...)


Refuzniks are the Israeli people who are unwilling to serve in the army. For different reasons they reject what it seems to be a compulsory stage in a militarized society. (...)

A grand hotel without a boss

Hotel Bauen is an establishment in the centre of Buenos Aires. In December 2001, the owner abandoned it and left its employees in the street. In March 2003, thirty of them took over the place and relaunched the business, running it themselves with (...)

Refugee Camp alchemy

Growing up in the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem is growing without understanding the language of those who live on the other side of a huge gray wall. It is walking along narrow streets on the walls of which are glued posters of martyrs who are som…

One year in Paris

I grew up in Paris, in the 10th district, close to the attacks sites. I hadn’t been living there for the past eight years, when I came back in September 2015.(...)

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Mapuche : the reconstruction cycle

In less than two centuries, the Mapuche territorial space has been reduced to 5% of its original surface. The natural environment is at the root of the ancient culture of these people. (...)

Radical LGBTQ & friends in Barcelona

The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Trans) community of Barcelona historically found its place during the political fights against Franco dictatorship. Today, the Catalan capital remains one of the most committed meeting place. (...)

Falklands Argentine veterans

Who are the men that went to the Malvinas Islands? That was the first question we ask ourselves in order to start this essay: to put a face and a name tho those who suffered on the flesh this war (...)

Displaceds in Colombia

The armed conflict in Colombia has produced the largest displacement of rural population to the urban areas: over 3 million people on the past 10 years. (...)

Portraits of 'maîtrisards' - college-educated Tunisians

The ‘maîtisards’ (college-educated) are these famous unemployed graduates who have been left out by Ben Ali’s system. Forty of so of them have been camping since the 4th February 2011 in front of the Tunisian Ministry of Education. (...)

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